About Us

About Us

Advancing Critical Communications & Interoperability

Technology advances more rapidly than public policy and infrastructure, often resulting in significant gaps between citizen expectations and actual capability in the hands of first responders and front line workers in transportation, utilities and all aspects of critical infrastructure.

To advance the deployment of practical technology solutions, Texas A&M ITEC convenes government, industry, practitioners, and academia, creating collaborative teams to identify problems, define solutions, and get technologies in the hands of first responders and other front-line professionals for test and evaluation. The aim of every effort is to advance the practical use of communications technologies to benefit communities, public safety, and national security.

ITEC drives innovation through research, tests, experimentation

Since 2004, ITEC has been evaluating emerging technologies and their real-world applications for critical communications, infrastructure and data interconnectedness. As an applied research center, ITEC has been instrumental in the development of Next Generation 911 (NG 911), public safety broadband technologies, advanced regional networks, and industry collaboration events and exercises aimed at establishing next generation interoperable communications.